Our online courses with ongoing mentoring, meditations, bushcraft practices and group calls create a very real support network to help you ground your nature connection practice every day and stay focused.  

We are here in some form whenever you need us, from wherever you are, and from this online web we weave our own webs connection.

We are a part of the (eco)system, each of us an essential component, invaluable. Remeber, wholeness means exactly that, no part left out.

Cycles of Connection

9 week Nature Connection Online Course

for busy modern women.

Through attuning to the natural rhythms of the day,

learning the language of water, earth, fire, air, animal and plant,

and creating conscious community with likeminded women,

we are supported to access the wisdom of our bodies,

create harmony in our daily life and

reignite our relationship with the earth,

thus empowering our innate wisdom to live a more holistic and authentic life of our own design.