Forest Seekers




Play is a serious business for the 6, 7, 8 and 9 year old child,


and play in WILD spaces is the ultimate opportunity to


grow, learn, synthesise and expand learning from all areas of life. 


We create days of freedom and exploration,


testing strength with earth as our foundation,


inspiring awe with the crashing of waves and cries of eagles,


and pulling it all together with stories woven amongst our nests of leaves, feathers and twig


Our Forest Seekers are a delightful bunch,

it’s amazing to see them grow each week with

confidence in the outdoors, and in themselves.  



In small groups we meet parents and collect children in our 4WD adventure vehicles to spend the day exploring, playing and learning with us.


The program involves a mixture of activities inspired by outdoor education, ecology and geography, bushcraft and nature connection, and the imagination of our wonderful wild children.  In games we learn cooperation, interdependence, and awaken our bodies for learning.  In exploration we examine the natural world with awe and investigate the macro and micro level of our planet, in bushcraft we work with wood, sanding our tools into shape, tie knots to build shelters when the rains begin, experience the power of fire and learn to safely respect it.  With nature connection we attune our sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing to the rhythms of the ocean, crescendos of bird calls in early morning, and the distinct sound of one twig snapping as our feet gently stalk through the bush.  


Pick up and drop off points in Bega, Tura Beach and Merimbula.  From there we and the children visit some of the most beautiful places on the Sapphire Coast.  Whales and eagles accompany us at Kianinny Bay, wallabies, swans and goannas share our days at Bournda National Park, and many other treasured locations are on our trail. 


Forest Seekers meet weekly during term time. 

Parents drop children at designated meeting points between around 9am, and pick up again at 2:30pm.