Online Tribes


Connect with nature online?

Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction?

Today’s modern human is more likely than not plugged in to the techno world at least once a day, whether we like it or not, and while this can become a very ‘disconnecting’ experience, the reality is its a part of our lives and is probably here to stay for a long time yet.  It also gives us great benefits of connection, if used wisely.  

Wild Cherry online support is a way to harness the advantages of this global online village, to help you stay accountable and motivated in your quest to become more connected with the ‘real’ wild world.  

Through a range of options – from our free facebook group “Wild Cherry Online Tribe’ for families, to our online courses with ongoing mentoring, meditations, bushcraft practices and group calls that create a very real support network to help you ground your nature connection practice every day and stay focused.  

We are here in some form whenever you need us, from wherever you are, and from this online web we weave our own webs connection.

We are a part of the (eco)system, each of us an essential component, invaluable. Remeber, wholeness means exactly that, no part left out.