Playful Possums Bushgroup

We invite you to join our unique weekly program of exploration and discovery in nature for 2 to 5 year old possums and their parents. Be held, nurtured and inspired by the wonders of our coastal forests, while connecting and building community in the coastal forests of the south coast.

9:30am and families begin to wind their way up the bush track to our secluded forest nook, or through the winding trails of coastal forests, to greet their fellow possums in circle, share songs and games, and play beneath the leafy canopy of stringy-bark trees.

Parents unwind as their precious possums are lead in tailored sensory activities inspired by Steiner, Montessori and indigenous wisdom.

Forest yoga, creating bush art, exploring natural oils and dyes, weaving mats and cultivating community, as we move our bodies through the forest, bringing physical balance and strength, while gently allowing our minds to cherish the present moment.

12:30pm comes and closing songs are sung, little paws wave goodbye, and the group begins to drift back down the track to make their way home.

Some little possums who are feeling brave and ready to tackle more activity, will cuddle their parents goodbye, and remain in the bush for more play and discovery in the afternoon. These parents will enjoy a well earned break and time to themselves, perhaps a walk along the nearby beach, or a coffee with friends, before returning to greet their little one again later in the afternoon.

There will also be some brave possums who are ready for a full day of nature play, while parents get on with the business of being grownups for the day. These possums will have attended our morning bush play for a few weeks, tried an afternoon, and feel confident to spend the whole day in our care.

Whichever option works best for your family, we are ready and waiting for you to join us in rediscovering wonder in the natural world, and inspiring strong connections to the earth with your family. 

If you are interested in joining our Playful Possums please get in touch, we’d love to hear from your.