Barefoot Mums n Bubs

Setting a regular commitment to slow down and attune your whole body to the rhythms of nature can be one of the most nurturing and empowering acts we can do as mothers. 

To be supported in this act by a circle of women who have made the same commitment, who share similar values and intentions to you as parents, can be incredibly supportive as we navigate the busyness of the 21st century. 

Our Barefoot Mums n Bubs circle is a little haven in the midst of a busy life, to inspire, learn from and connect to ourselves, our sisters, and our beautiful earth. 

If this program appeals to you, please take a look at our Wild Cherry Summer Program, in which we are offering a range of ‘taster’ sessions, including Barefoot Mums n Bubs, over January.

If you are interested in joining an ongoing fortnightly Mums n Bubs group starting in February 2019, please add your name to our email newsletter, to be sure to receive notification for when we start.

xxx Kerrie.